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Regulatory Monitoring Service

SCD Energy Solutions provides focused, insightful and cost-effective regulatory monitoring service for our clients.

Electricity markets are highly dependent on the actions of various regulators.  That is particularly true in the highly regulated environment of California where a wide range of local, state and federal regulators impact market policy and operations. 

Generally speaking, most important policy issues are decided or implemented through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO).  SCD’s regulatory monitoring services focus on these three organizations – tracking their activities, evaluating policy developing, interpreting complex proceedings and identifying opportunities.

High level review, in-depth analysis

SCD’s Regulatory Monitoring Service provides clients with executive level intelligence regarding policy issues that could have a significant impact on clients’ business opportunities.

We cut through the mountains of data, filings, proposals, rulemakings, applications, presentations, reports, etc. to identify issues of concern, predict and interpret regulatory actions, and recommend responses that further client interests. SCD combines a high level review of what’s going on with an in-depth analysis of the issues of greatest concern to our clients.

Tailored to your business concerns

Our regulatory monitoring is designed specifically for each client’s needs and concerns. The basic product is a monthly status update of relevant regulatory activity that includes links to documents and proceedings focused on the CPUC, CEC and CAISO.
 Download Sample Report. SCD Energy Solutions provides a focused and cost-effective regulatory monitoring service for our clients

Clients can:

  • Reserve additional consulting time to clarify information in the report, prepare expanded analysis of specific issues, or utilize other services that SCD provides
  • Receive “news flashes” when something really important happens
  • Have access to the Client Section of the SCD website that includes a linked archive of updates with additional support documentation

Please contact us for more information or a proposal.
independent energy consulting practice
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